Wednesday, November 29, 2017

IAA Humanitarian Club Tidies Up the Muslim Cemetery by Jenan Abdein

On November 11th, 2017, the IAA Humanitarian Club, volunteering students, and parents pursued their Islamic responsibility by cleaning up Birmingham’s Muslim Garden Cemetery.

About 30 people gathered for three hours to cut and clear out overgrown tree branches, pull and clear out leaves, add rocks where needed, and pick up any trash.  

The IAA Humanitarian Club brings together students who strive to positively impact our local community through selfless acts of kindness, such as visiting elderly homes, raising money for local charities, and cleaning the school campus.  The club encourages global citizenship and leadership through random acts of kindness. The school and club work with the belief that, “Together, we can work towards positive change through awareness, focused outreach activities, and dedicated community service.”

The Islamic cemetery, called Muslim Garden, is contained within the Oakland Cemetery in Ensley, which is located at 1230 Warrior Road, Ensley, AL 35218. The entire 500 plot area, owned by BIS is fenced, and bushes are planted on the periphery to create a natural separation from the rest of the cemetery.

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