Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dr. Zoghby's Speech on the Arab World by Ashfaq Taufique

The Palestinian and Israeli conflict in the Middle East is so often the heart of international politics.  The mainstream American population continues to be ignorant of the historical roots of the conflict, and are easily swayed by the political pundits in favor of Israel.  Time after time the Palestinians become the victims of this bias information.
To combat the ignorance, Birmingham Islamic Society in partnership with the Institute of Human Rights invited a renowned scholar, Dr. James Zoghby on November 14, 2017 at the UAB Alumni House.  The topic of the lecture was “What You Don't Know (But Need To Know) About the Arab World Today”.
The lecture was very well attended and captured the attention of the audience.  Dr. Zoghby attributed the failure of our foreign policy in that part of the world, to the fact that we engage in wars without knowing the culture, rules of engagement, or the commitment needed.  Unfortunately, we continue to pour dollars, human life and political capital without having a clue.  This lack of education, popular media, and political culture has led to where we are in that part of the world.
For those who missed the lecture here is the link to Dr. Zoghby’s speech:

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