Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Message from Brother Ashfaq

Sometime ago, I was actively involved in the teaching of our Weekend Islamic School students. Once in the class I asked a question, “Why should we not consume drugs?”  I got diverse answers from the teenagers ranging from being against the law to bad for my health.  All the answers were correct, but we as Muslims have ignored our priorities.  The reason we do not consume drugs is because it violates our covenant with Allah, as Allah has forbidden intoxicants.  

We should make our covenant with Allah as the primary reason for evaluating all our thoughts and actions regarding all the matters of our lives.  The criteria for how good of a son, father, mother, sister, employee, employer, neighbor, I am being, is my adherence to the laws that Allah prescribes.  Without this core understanding, we are lost.  

Continuing my thoughts, I had voiced in my October 2017 article, I would like to propose a practical step towards our efforts to make us a better Muslim community.  

Inshaa Allah, I will convene a meeting with our Executive Committee and Imam to discuss the theme of the month, that will deal with our mannerisms (adaab, Akhlaq etc).  If agreeable, our khutbahs and lectures should be dealing with that issue for that month. Inshaa Allah we will make a dent in our society, and be the Muslims that can stand on the Day of Judgement with rewards in our bag of deeds.

Anyone in the community at large that wants to help me in this aspect, please contact me.

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