Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dua at the Multi Faith Prayer Vigil by Br. Ashfaq Taufique

Multifaith Prayer Vigil-1.png
Brother Ashfaq Taufique offered the prayer at the Multi Faith Prayer Vigil for the local Criminal Justice System on Sunday, May 21 in Birmingham.  Representing the Birmingham Islamic Society he made the following dua:
In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
  • All praise is for God, the Lord of the World. The Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
  • Master of the Day of Judgment.
  • You alone we worship and You alone we call on for help.
  • Guide us to The Right Way.
  • The Way of those whom You have favored; not of those who have earned Your wrath, or of those who have lost The Way.

O Mighty Lord, Give us as a nation, as a state and as communities wisdom to understand that jails and incarceration is not a rule, but an exception.

Give us wisdom to understand that economic disparity is the root cause of crime.

O mighty Lord, grant steadfastness to those who responds to call of establishing Justice and fight for the oppressed.

O All Mighty, bless our city, our community and nation and the world and ward off evils from our hearts and our actions.

We pray for our leaders and people to be God conscious and courageous.  

We pray that executive, legislative and judicial branch of our government, make decisions that are for all the people of this country and the world.  

We pray that we are instrumental in establishment of Justice and abolishment of all perceived or real oppression.  

We pray that our leaders are guided by righteousness, not to be tempted by greed and power.


Red Crescent Clinic of Alabama

The Red Crescent Clinic of Alabama is a free health clinic and is a collaborative effort by the Birmingham Islamic Society and the Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent in North America (Alabama chapter).

Our mission is to provide high quality primary care services to everyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or ability to pay. The clinic is a nonprofit medical group comprised of volunteer staff donating their time and talents to serve those in need throughout Alabama. Our ultimate goal is to provide comprehensive primary care to the medically underserved, and ultimately benefit the Alabama community as a whole.

Clinic Services

  • The clinic will be open every Sunday from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM, except RCCA holidays
  • Please, no walk-ins. Appointments must be scheduled by phone.
  • The clinic will provide primary care services only. No specialists will be available.
  • No emergency services will be available. For emergency services, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency care facility.

Schedule an Appointment

Patients are seen by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call (205) 879-4247 and choose option 4. Leave a message with your name, phone number, and a brief reason for requesting an appointment. A representative of the clinic will return your call within 24 hours to confirm your appointment. If you have any questions, please leave a message or e-mail RCCA at

For more information and directions go to

Community News

To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return." [Qur'an 2:156]

Sr. Gwendolyn D. Osman, the wife of Br. Khalil Osman passed away. Salatul Janazah was offered Friday, May 26, 2017 at Hoover Crescent Islamic Center (2524 Hackberry Lane, Hoover, AL 35226) after the second Jummah prayer (2:00 PM). Burial followed at the Muslim Garden, located in Ensley, AL.

Newborn Baby Muhammad Musa, the son of Br. Usman Zafar,  passed away. Please make duaa for his parents to give them patience.

International Street Fair by Emily Elliot

The City of Birmingham hosted an International Street Fair on Saturday, May 13th, 2017.  BIS offered a booth filled with educational material and Qurans free to all.

Volunteers from our local community were able to speak with members of the larger Birmingham Community, and Sr. Dala Eloubeidi offered beautiful Arabic calligraphy free of charge to anyone interested.



How to Reach the Imam

Sameh's Picure.jpg

Imam Sameh is available to answer religious questions from the community in person, through phone and emails. He can be reached at:

Dr. Sameh Asal, Imam
Birmingham Islamic Society
205-879-4247 X5 (Office)

One can also listen and learn from the Imam:

1- Short Talks After 4 Rakaas of Taraweeh (Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at HCIC, Saturday and Wednesday at Homewood Masjid, and Thursday at Westside Masjid.
2- Daily Short Talks After Fajr at HCIC (Miscellaneous Tooics)
3- Tazkiyah Class for Sisters at HCIC on Wednesdays at 1:30 - 2:30 PM (offered in Arabic)
4- Tajweed Class on Saturdays after Zuhr from 1:30 - 2:30 PM.
5- My Group Senior Sisters Halaqa on Saturdays at HCIC and Homewood Masjid.
6- Miscellaneous Topics Class for Brothers at Homewood Masjid at 9:10 - 9:30 PM on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Rally Together Birmingham by Ashfaq Toufique and Emily Elliot

BIS was honored to be a part of "Rally Together Birmingham" at the Levite Jewish Community Center (LJCC) on Sunday, May 21, 2017.

The rally is the brainchild of a group of local Jewish mothers that want to stand united with their neighbors against the fear and division caused by terrorist threats to the communities in Birmingham.  The members of Rally Together Birmingham are passionate about the Birmingham community and want to show everyone in it that hate has no place in our lives, or in the lives of our children. Our differences are made to be celebrated, not feared.  

On Sunday, attendees were able to meet and learn more about groups within our society all focused on a common goal: promoting a unified city.

Birmingham Islamic Society (BIS) along with several other organizations had booths with informational material about their organizations.  BIS also organized an arts and craft table for the children. BIS Member (Director) Brother Ashfaq Taufique was asked to speak, alongside other prominent members of our Birmingham community, including Mayor William Bell.

Sponsors included the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center, Birmingham Public Library, the Birmingham Islamic Society, AIDS Alabama, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations)-AL Chapter, and a host of others.



Ramadan Camp By Eman Koupek

The set-up of the camp primarily consists of three activities: crafts, tajwid/Seera, and tahfiz. The ages have been divided up into 5-7 years old, 8-10 years old, and 10-12 years old. There will be a rotation of the activities between the age groups.

If you are interested in enrolling your kids in the Ramadan Camp, please contact Shareen Elbaz
443-956-1158 Or Eman Koupek  205-587-0473.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.



Eid al-Fitr Toy Drive by Adam Ebrahim

IMG_1280.PNGBirmingham Islamic Society (BIS) is hosted an Eid al Fitr Toy Drive this year from the 25th of May until the 11th of June 2017.

Every December, holiday toy drives are organized throughout the U.S. with many participants. That is why it was felt, that we should also do something similar at a time when we celebrate our festival, Eid al-Fitr.  

Toys will be donated to the less fortunate, regardless of their religious beliefs. Giving gifts solidifies the bonds of love as these are days of joy and happiness.   Hence, we want others to have the same experience that our families are having during this time.

The toys will  be donated to The Lovelady Center in Birmingham. The Lovelady Center offers a program that is to designed to restore hope and rebuild lives of women and children, and they have around 100 kids.


Ramadan Story and Craft Time by Sakeena Ahmed

BIS is excited to host a weekly Ramadan Story and Craft Time a second year in a row for children ages 6 and under. We meet every Thursday in Ramadan after Dhuhr prayer at the Hoover Crescent Islamic Center.

The first week, Sr. Kirin Nabi read two Ramadan themed books, "Welcome Ramadan" and "Hamza's First Fast". We had over 30 children attend who enjoyed the books, followed by a fun craft. We made adorable "shrinky dink" handprints to take home.

IMG_4538.JPGThe second week, Sr. Kirin Nabi read two Ramadan moon stories and the children made crescent and moon thaumatropes after.

If you'd like to register your child(ren), please visit the BIS website ( Free registration ends on the Tuesday before each story time.

Preparing for Ramadan: Special Youth Led Lecture by Dala Mohamad Eloubeidi

With an interest in developing new programs for the community, Imam Sameh Asal decided to allocate the last Friday of each month for youth-led lectures dealing with various topics of the presenters' choosing that began in April. On Friday, May 26th, a group of four students, Halla Moradi, Abdulrahman Saadawy, Noa Khader, and Zainab Derkaoui, presented on different topics related to the blessed month of Ramadan that included the practical aspects and reward associated with fasting, the last 10 days of Ramadan, taraweeh prayers, and the significance of the Quran during this holy month. The presentation was well-received and served as a great review for our community prior to the start of Ramadan.

It is our hope that other young community members will present in the future on other topics that will benefit us all Inshallah. If your children are interested in presenting, then please contact Imam Sameh Asal at

My Youth Girls (MYG) Ramadan All-Nighter by Hala Sabatto

The first Ramadan MYG-Girls all nighter of the month was a great success! Around 20 girls attend. We had a great time of fun, friendship, worship, and food.

Our next all-nighter will be at Hoover Islamic Center on June 10th starting at 11:59pm and ending at fajr.  All girls 14+ are welcome!



The Joy Ramadan Brings to Our Hearts by Dr. Sameh Asal

The Joy Ramadan Brings to Our Hearts
The fruits and benefits that a Muslim reaps from the month of Ramadan makes the arrival of Ramadan a special occasion that brings to joy to the hearts. It was the habit of our righteous predecessors to rejoice at the arrival of Ramadan and that continued throughout the following centuries. Mu`alla ibnul-Fadl (rahemahu Allah) said, “The righteous predecessors used to make du‘a to Allah for six months to extend their life until they reach the month of Ramadan, and they used to make du`a for six more months asking Allah to accept their good deeds during Ramadan.” When we know of the causes of their joy and anxiousness for the coming of Ramadan, we will realize why they acted joyfully when they received it.
A Muslim knows that this life is transient and its pleasures are limited and temporary. On the other side, he realizes that the afterlife is the true endless life and its joys are ongoing and its pleasures are genuine. Therefore, he rejoices at the pleasures of the hereafter and is always anxious to do what brings him happiness in the hereafter. To him, chances to work for the hereafter are golden chances that are more precious than the treasures of this life. Allah (SWT) says what means: “Say, ‘In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy - in that let them rejoice; it is better than what they accumulate’" (Qurʾān: 10: 58).
A Muslim rejoices at the coming of Ramadan because there are many opportunities to obtain the pleasure of Allah and achieve everlasting happiness in the hereafter. It is always the dream of a Muslim to have his past sins forgiven and to obtain clearance from entering the Hellfire. This dream can be fulfilled in the month of Ramadan. The Prophet (PBUH) tells us that the fasting the month of Ramadan expiates all the past sins and so do the Tarawīḥ/night prayers in Ramadan. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping for Allah’s reward, then all his past sins will be forgiven.” (Related by al-Bukhārī) The Prophet (PBUH) also said, “Whoever stood for the night prayers in Ramadan out of sincere Faith and hoping for Allah’s reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven." (Related by al-Bukhārī and Muslim). Moreover, the Prophet (PBUH) says, “Whoever stands in prayers during Laylatul-Qadr (Night of Decree), his past sins will be forgiven” (Related by al-Bukhārī and Muslim).
Fasting in Ramadan is so special because the reward for it is exceptional. One gets rewarded for all his good deeds based on the standards Allah (SWT) has set for rewarding them; however, the standards set for rewarding the fast are different. The Prophet (PBUH) narrates that Allah, the Almighty, says, “All the good deeds done by the son of Adam are for him except for fasting: It is for Me and I reward for observing it.” (Related by al-Bukhārī). Allah (SWT) has not declared the reward for fasting due to its greatness and He (SWT) added the fasting to Himself to show how important fasting is. It is the only act of worship that is not liable to shirk because it is a secret between the slave and Allah and none of the people can see it.
Allah (SWT) honors those who fast in the hereafter so much so, that he allocate a particular gate for them to enter Jannah and once they have entered, this gate will be closed. The Prophet (PBUH), “Indeed there is a gate to Jannah that is called ar-Rayyān through which the fasting ones enter Jannah. It will be asked, “Where are the fasting ones, so they stand and none else other than them enters through it. Once they have entered through it, the gate is closed so no one else enters behind them.”
These and many other fruits that we reap from the month of Ramadan bring joy to our hearts, and therefore, we are anxious for the coming of Ramadan so we can expose ourselves to the mercy of Allah, His favors and bounties. We ask Allah (SWT) to enable us to fast in Ramadan and revive its days and nights with prayers, recitation of the Qurʾan, charity and other good deeds, and accept that from us. Ameen.

Sunday School Concludes Another Successful Session by Principal Nabiha Yusuf

Alhamdulillah, we concluded another session of Weekend Islamic School. Our school is a valuable resource for children who attend public schools. They get a chance to learn about their deen and make friends with their Muslim brothers and sisters. They also get an opportunity to share their faith with children of other faiths. We have a very structured curriculum comprising of Islamic Studies, Seerah, and Quranic Studies. Our students take part in our Annual Quran competition besides participating in weekly activities. Our teachers are the backbone of our school and volunteer their time and effort to impart Islamic knowledge to our students.

Our session will resume in August and registrations will open in July. We enroll students from 4-15 years. We also have a special youth class for students 15 and older.

For more details please contact We wish you and your family a blessed Ramadaan and hope to see your children in our school in August. Please remember us in your duas


A Message from Br. Ashfaq

I am deeply grateful to Allah (swt) for the blessings provided to us Muslims in the greater Birmingham area. We are blessed to be operating three Masajid, a full-time Islamic school, a weekend Islamic school, a cemetery that meets all the Islamic requirements and the list goes on.

Thankful to Allah that before the start of Ramadan, we could finish our multi-purpose rooms that serve as the overflow for Musallees, and also serve as meeting rooms for large groups.

Our next project, inshaAllah, will be to raise funds for building additional weekend school classrooms and examination rooms for our Red Crescent Clinic of Alabama.


Islamic Academy of Alabama Graduates their Fifth Graduating Class by Principal Ziyad Awad

The Islamic School of Alabama’s fifth graduating class celebrated their triumph of successfully completing their high school education on Sunday, May 21st at The Cedars Club of Birmingham. Over 500 parents, teachers, and guests showed their support and together, IAA’s 2017 senior class was proudly sent off on their future journeys. Kindergarten, fifth grade, and eighth grade students were also presented with diplomas and graduated on to their next academic endeavors.
Boys 17.JPG
Girls 17.JPG
This year, IAA celebrated its 20th Anniversary, mashaÁllah. In 1997, the seeds of The Islamic Academy of Alabama were planted, Alhamdulillah, and from a small seed a mighty tree continues to grow.   We shift now towards adopting a more student centered education, by incorporating a variety of interactive activities aimed to further their academic, cultural and Islamic education.   We do this while continuing to encourage our students to participate in the science fair, Qura’an competitions, Arabic and English spelling bees, and Islamic Jeopardy Night. The IAA students also regularly partake in activities aimed to embrace the diversity as global citizens such as Black History Week, IAA’s Arabic Night, and Spirit Week’s Culture Day.
The IAA Board, Staff, Teachers, and MPTO work together to address the school needs by establishing goals to further enhance the students’ academic experience and learning environment. They strive to provide the students with the materials and resources they need to reach their maximum potential
On December 31st 2005, The Islamic Academy of Alabama was honorably accredited by AdvancedED, the world’s leading accreditation service.   As IAA continues to improve, Advanced ED in May 2017 released their annual progress report, in which IAA successfully implemented the suggested performance accreditation by adopting a strategic plan to further improve the school’s technological effectiveness and practices.  This outside opinion further reinforces and ensures that each student is prepared for future college and career endeavors.
The IAA Family is proud to witness generations of Muslim children find sanctuary in the school as they grow to become prosperous individuals.

3rd Annual Welcome Ramadan Craft Fair by Bushra Habeeb

Over 70 children of The Birmingham Islamic Society celebrated at the 3rd Annual Welcome Ramadan Craft Fair on May 20th 2017 at the HCIC with great pleasure and joy.

The Ramadan Craft Fair was a delightful experience not only for the kids, but their parents as well. Sr. Sakeena Ahmed perfectly planned and organized yet another successful Ramadan Fair with the help of many helpful and talented sisters from our community.  

The entrance of the fair was decorated with warm smiles and cheerful spirits where volunteers helped kids register for the event.  The registration table presented attendees with a jar full of dates, not to eat, but to guess the correct number. The winner of an Urban Pops gift certificate was 6 year old, Leen Elsherbiny who guessed 99, the actual was 97.

The event was hosted in the two new expansive halls that have been extended in the lobby area, giving everybody more room and making the event even more successful and smooth.

There were seven artistic and resourceful craft stations set up by our creative and talented sisters, who put in a lot of effort and hard work in planning this event and putting it together.

Crafts done at fair:

  1. Craft Bags – Sr. Binish Abdullah and her helpers set up a creative station where kids decorated plain paper bags with Ramadan themed stickers, stamps, glitter and paper cut outs. These doubled as bags to hold the rest of their crafts and goodies in at the fair.

  1. Ramadan Banners- Sr. Aser Janua hosted a delightful banner station, where “It’s Ramadan” banners were cheerfully colored by kids.

  1. Handprint Banner- Sr. Heba El-Sheikh had kids print their colorful painted hands with their names on an extensive Ramadan banner. The polychromatic look of the banner vibrantly suggested the unity we share in faith and added to the spirit of Ramadan. The banner now hangs in the HCIC hallway for all to enjoy.

  1. Paper Bag Masjid- Sr. Islam Jaber creatively helped kids decorate plain paper bags and turn them into a beautiful masjid with paper cut outs and stickers.

  1. Ramadan Binoculars- Sr. Sakeena Ahmed and other volunteers helped kids make adorable Ramadan themed binoculars with colors and stickers to make the concept of moon sighting a fun activity.

  1. Sadaqa Boxes- Sr. Kirin Nabi, made every kid into an artist by letting them paint plain wooden boxes and transforming them into beautiful Kaa’ba and heart styled Sadaqa Boxes.

  1. Cookie Decoration- Sr. Roula Hakim and Sr. Bushra Habeeb had kids decorate crescent and star shaped sugar cookies for the kids to eat and enjoy.

May Allah reward ALL the volunteers, many more who were not mentioned, and who made this event a success.